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Today’s Bees Knees Woman is:

Carmen Cooper


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This beautiful woman is a talented clinical Nutritionist and Colon Hydrotherapist and therefore KNOWS the value of a healthy digestive system.


I know Carmen through her inspiring work at Darling St Health Clinic. Her passion for health, sense of fun and quirky sense of humour makes this woman someone you need to know.

Through clinical practice, Carmen sees many forms of digestive complaints and therefore has kindly taken time to share with us 4 tips to help support digestion leading up to the SILLY, but much enjoyable festive SEASON

 Over to you, Carmen:







Toxins enter our bodies constantly in the civilised world we live in via processed food, preservatives, additives, alcohol, sugar, environment pollutants and chemicals.


Our colon really is our body’s waste disposal unit, storing and eliminating the stuff we don’t need anymore.

In the world today, our diet and lifestyle can too often resemble ‘rubbish’ and clog up our bins.

Often due to factors such as dehydration, inactivity or irritation, our colons struggle to eliminate this waste. Detoxing or cleansing helps to empty our bins, hydrate our bowels & bodies, and re-train our digestive system to function at its optimum and improve metabolism.

To encourage digestion and elimination try these tips for some extra support;


Start Smart

On rising, drink hot water with just squeezed lemon juice and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar.

This helps to stimulate hydrochloric acid and liver bile to get your digestion moving straight up.

Continue to “flush” by drinking as much hot water throughout the day as you want.


Go for green


  • Coffee

  • Alcohol

  • Refined sugar and processed foods

  • Saturated fat

Eat (some) raw but mostly lightly cooked organic vegetables (everything green)

Consider supplementing with chlorophyll, spirulina, seaweed or chlorella and fresh vegetable juices to supercharge your system with antioxidants, to repair cell damage.


Focus on fibre

  • Beetroot

  • Brussel sprouts

  • Broccoli

  • Cabbage

  • Artichokes

  • Kale

  • Swiss chard

    All help liver detoxification pathways be more efficient being high in fibre- get the gut moving AND help boost your immune system.

Pick a herb

  • Dandelion root and leaf,

  • St Mary’s (milk thistle),

  • Rosemary leaf,

  • Peppermint leaf,

  • Ginger root

  • Licorice root

    All promote digestion and detoxification of the liver and bowels.

    Enjoy as a herbal tonic prescribed by a practitioner or the perfect way to ensure optimal hydration and include more hot water in your diet is to enjoy 1-3 cups per day of Bees Knees Teas, Bee Clear and Bee Loved are my chosen blends due to their detoxification properties and herbal combinations for digestion which improves elimination- healing the gut.




About Carmen Cooper

Carmen is a passionate Clinical Nutritionist and Colon Hydrotherapist in her final year study of Naturopathy. Being in practice for 6 years displays her passion for educating and inspiring people on their health and well being journey. Carmen also works alongside some of the most reputable clinicians and practitioners in natural health and refers to specialist medical doctors for integrative care. Carmen focuses largely on preventative health promoting longevity. Her specialist areas are digestive health, hormonal health, adrenal function, mood disorders, skin conditions, babies, children and teenagers. For more information: www.yoursnaturally.com.au

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