5 Reasons why Ginkgo Biloba is great for your health

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 One of the fascinating facts I learnt about Gingko biloba is its age!

This incredible LIVE fossil was growing and hanging out with the DINOSAURS!! And is the last

of it’s genesis. Therefore I was excited to include it as one of our main ingredients in BEE

Clear tea blend – especially when you  understand why it is so great for your health.

Gingko biloba

Gingko biloba



     So why is this herb so great?


     Gingko biloba………

     1.  It helps you stay younger.   As an antioxidant it reduces the

        oxidative stress we are subjected to in daily life.

     2. It improves memory : The use of Gingko biloba has shown

        significant episodic memory improvements in random control

        trials 2

     3. It stimulates good circulation: promotes vasodilation and

        improves blood flow through arteries, veins and capillaries.

     4. It protects your brain structure and function: the leaf from Gingko EGb761 extract has been

        found in numerous studies to demonstrate both  cellular and molecular neuro-protection.


     5. Is anti-inflammatory: Gingko contains a consistent called ‘ginkgetin’ which has shown in

         studies to be a strong anti- inflammatory.

Gingko biloba tree

Gingko biloba tree

We are grateful to have our  BEE Clear tea blend,  featured recently featured in ‘New Idea’


New IDEA publication

Featured in NEW IDEA magazine


Enjoy BEE-ing Clear TODAY!!

Bees out…..


*NOTE: With all herbal medicine, it should be noted the quality and  the way  the herb has been prepared or extracted are crucial for such amazing medicinal qualities.  In the studies above they are referring to Gingko biolba EGb761- extract which can be found in herbal supplements or tonics. It is strongly advised usage should be made under a natural health practitioner.

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