Are you a thrill seeking BEEing?

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Did you realise that not all Bees are born equal?

There are certain Bees who are born to be thrill seekers, termed as ‘Scouts’, they blaze a trail to find new food sources, and new hive locations.

Their make up is different to the other Bees, which makes them unique, and they find new ways.

The same is true for humans.  We are all different.  We are all unique.  We all have special gifts.

We all have different spots, or stripes, we were made that way.

Who are you going to BEE today?

Are you trying to fit in and BEE the same as the rest?

BEE in You!

BEEing You

Both Kev and I contemplate this question and wanted to create blends and names of blends to provoke and embody the energy of BEEing your true self.


BEE ing Free

BEE ing Loved

BEE ing Playful

Our intention for Bees Knees Teas wasn’t just to share our wonderful blends but to create a platform for education and share our journey in making more sustainable choices for us, our environment and our future.

Are you ready to stand out and BEE the best version of you, you can BEE?

A great question to ask ourselves, try it on,

Start Today!

Bees Out xx

Drinking take-away teas on a coastal walk

Drinking take-away teas on a coastal walk

About Bees Knees Teas

'The Beehive' is an open community created for cross pollinating ideas on health and sustainability for ALL BEEings.


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