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Chantel Gough


This radiant lady shines inside out with positivity that is contagious!!


Originally training as a pharmacist, Chantel then found passion and purpose in preventative medicine where she embarked her own healing journey and soon qualified to be the great a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDNP) she is today.


Having studied from health leaders such as Chris Kresser (soon to be one of his certified practitioners), She lives in the stunning Whitsunday’s with her husband Jan Hutnan

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In addition to her own Function Medicine practice: Chantel Gough, together with her husband Jan Hutnan,  have created a boutique personalised training studio with an emphasis on movement, longevity and vitality. 

Today she is kind enough to share her story and what she believes are the 5 fundamental health principles

Over to you Chantel…………


By Chantel Gough

Knowing that there are more pillars to health than movement, I embarked on a journey into the world of Functional Medicine.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Functional Medicine, it involves investigating underlying biological mechanisms or the root cause that can contribute to your health problem.

It is fixing the problem from the inside out rather than from outside in, as is the case for conventional medicine which focuses on diseases and symptoms.

I truly believe that when we create the right environment for our own unique self does our health and happiness flourish.

My partner, is my biggest supporter and is the catalyst for my transition from a mediocre life with health complaints to a life of strong purpose, passion, happiness and health. Together we have a dream to make a difference in peoples lives.

Health is a journey, not a one month detox or a six week bootcamp. It is a daily commitment to make choices that serve you for the better.

The choice is not always the easy option but each time it is important to always remind yourself of the ‘why’ behind your actions.

It might be leaving an unhappy relationship, saying no to that delicious donut, getting out of your cosy bed to go for a morning walk or swapping your coffee for a soul soothing tea – my pick would be a Bees Knees Teas. I’m actually a big “BEE Clear” fan – It’s packed with antioxidants and brain stimulating herbs and a refreshing pepperminty flavour.


We currently live in a world where we a plagued with chronic disease and chronic health conditions from heart disease and cancer to irritable bowel syndrome and sleep disturbances.

While conventional medicine is there to control these health conditions with medicine and surgery it made me question  what is driving this epidemic of health problems?

In my experience —– a serious lack of SELF CARE.

the fundamental principles that sustain life.




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The effect this is having on our body systems and function is enormous.

Not to mention the effects our decisions have on other ecosystems.

We are altering our gut microbiome, driving hormone imbalances, exposing ourselves to toxic chemicals, becoming nutrient depleted and ultimately driving disease.

Scary stuff! But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

And the best part – YOU are in control.

Nurturing yourself first and foremost will do wonders for your weight, your digestive health, your skin, your mental state, your productivity and is the key to living a vibrant healthy life.

Why are health retreats getting bigger and bigger?

– Because we are in need of some serious TLC!

Nutritious food, mindfulness, serene location, nature walks, movements, surrounded by other like minded people.

Sounds exactly like what the doctor should order.

Why not create your own health retreat?

I mean making a life that you thrive in, that you love to live in, that frees you up to be your true, wonderful self.

We all have something unique to offer

Chantel x

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