BEEing Purposeful

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Being Purposeful

The honey Bee busily goes about its day seeking nectar and makes its way from flower to flower.  It’s driven to find energy in the nectar, to create honey for its hive.   What the Bee doesn’t know, is that it is acting at 90 degrees to its true purpose.

What do we mean by this?

As the Bees Knees rub the plants, their hairy little legs inadvertently collect pollen. They carry that pollen from one plant to the next, causing plants to cross pollinate – creating more plants, food, and a viable planet for us to live in.  So the term ‘BeesKnees’ – refers to something that’s sweet, great, amazing, purposeful, something we need!

So, without their hairy little legs, we’d be in a bit of bother regarding natural food sources.

flying bee

The Human BEEing

Here is the first of many parallels I shall draw between the BEE and the human BEEing on this B(EE)log

We too are at 90 degrees to our true purpose, aren’t we?   

We are like a pebble dropping in a pond, even as the pebble drops down and down, it creates a ripple at 90 degrees across the surface where it entered.

So, if the BEE gets rewarded by nature because it is helping nature to reproduce plant life – then what can we learn from it?

If we focus on dedicating ourselves to something that would benefit the world, we too will be looked after by the universe?  

This is the assumption – and is the strong philosophy behind Bees Knees Teas.   

We believe in raising awareness of the BEE decline, and taking steps to reverse this trend.

We believe in educating EVERYONE on the impacts that this will have on us now, and future generations.

We believe in providing you with healthy, chemical free, organic products to enjoy while at the same time providing a way to ‘give back’.  


So, we take our lesson from the Bees Knees.  

What lesson can you take from the Bees Knees?   What is something you can do to benefit the world?

Let us leave you with this quote:

“Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highestadvantage of others.”  Buckminster Fuller


About Bees Knees Teas

'The Beehive' is an open community created for cross pollinating ideas on health and sustainability for ALL BEEings.

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