Jan Hutnan

Today we interviewed ViPR Pro Trainer, Perform Better Australia presenter and Co-founder of Evo Prime Fitness:

Jan Hutnan

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Jan is a highly skilled, motivational functional movement facilitator who has a passion for health and fitness. We were delighted to share with you our interview with a Bees Knees Man of Fitness:



Jodie: ‘Tell me what inspired you to seek a career in the health industry’?

Jan:  ‘I have been active my whole life and when I retired from a professional ice-hockey game I wanted to stay around the sport and training. Hence idea to be on the other side. Not performing but preparing people to perform’.


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Why did you start your own business?

Two main reasons:

1. I had ideas and visions which I could only eventuate within running my own business.


2. Like many entrepreneurs, I liked the idea of being responsible for myself , making my own decisions and also ‘living the life of my dreams!’


What does health mean to you?

Recently I lost my dad and my sister. One of the major contributing factors of their passing was the state of their health.

Health is a very strong value for me. We can have a fat bank account, live in a beautiful house but these thing are less enjoyable if you are not healthy.

My motto: Move everyday, eat clean food, eliminate stress and ensure sleep management For me, these are not optional be a MUST.



What is your favourite move and why?

I love variety. As Institute of Motion quoted “variability is specificity’ so this might be the hardest question to answer but I would say EVERY movement with the ViPR.

Why? I guess I am aware of what is happening in my body when i’m using the ViPR.. We are talking beyond muscular level!  This calls for a further discussion regarding cell health, biology, chemical reaction, tissue response…and yes muscles are involved too!

Training with the ViPR you are using sub-maximal load in a multi-directional fashion which has tremendous benefits to our longevity. This is true due to the movement creating different directional lines of stress on the body.  Known as, foundation of “vector variability training” and such ‘moves’ prepare our body for the real life activities.


The best part of my work is:

Research and science!!  What is here now it’s not going to be present in 5 years time as the industry is still in its infancy and is expanding rapidly! The best and exciting part is learning, growing and adapting.  The best adaption for me is to stay curious, respect others and keep progressing with ongoing education. This is exciting!


The most influential person in my world is:

Chantel, my wife. She mades me a better person and better coach. I’ve never met someone with a deeper heart.



I want to make a difference by:

Contributing to make a better world. I am calling for respect, understanding and honesty. With my knowledge and passion I want to influence fitness professionals around the world. We are on the same path. To help people live a better life.


My favourite flavour of Bees Knees Teas is:

This question so impossible to answer. Seriously. Probably the best tea I have ever tried. I was never a big tea drinker but when I receive my first package I was hooked and “Bee Loved” is very impressive.


My health secret is….

To stay happy. We can ask for the best training program or pay the best nutritionist but without happiness and strong mind we will not win.


Anything else you really want to share……….

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care so if you are on the same path like me believe in yourself and keep going to inspire people around you.












About Jan Hutnan

After playing many years of professional ice-hockey in the Czech Republic, Jan continued his passion for health and fitness moving to Australia and finding his niche with movement and coaching In North Queensland. Jan's skill and expertise has lead him to present at the Australia fitness conference FILEX 2014 and 2015 and Western Australia conference WAFIC 2014 and 2015. Jan is an Australian ViPR Master Trainer and Australian ambassador of Institute of Motion methodology which allows him to travel Australia and share his passion with nationally. Jan also co-owns a highly successful boutique PT Studio in Airlie Beach 'Evo Prime Fitness' with his wife. For more information, visit www.evoprimefitness.com

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