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At Bees Knees Teas we love to honour those amazing inspiring people who are the ‘bees knees’ in their way of BEEing and sharing with the world! Those who inspire us and others by making a change and thinking outside the box.

My dear friend Julia Green  is a Naturopathic student with a strong passion for herbal medicine and helping individuals better their life and their health in natural ways. Having experienced insomnia problems and hearing the plight of many to get a good night’s sleep, Julia endeavoured to find a natural solution and create a quality, accessible and safe product for anyone to use. She is the creator and founder of Dream Easy Pillows over to you Julia:

Julia Green

Julia Green


7  Ways I Mastered the Art of Sleep

What shall I cook for Sunday lunch?

Where did I put that jar of crushed almonds?

I hope Jasmina is going ok with her new baby…hmmm I should get a pedicure.

What colour should I paint that cupboard?

What is the meaning of life?

The mind is an amazing machine that when I attempted to sleep, showered me with questions such as these. 3am would roll around and I would still be tossing and turning with the type of questions that can plague us all. My work suffered. My body suffered. My mind suffered. It wasn’t until I met this woman whom had just turned a 100 and I wanted to know what kept her alive for so long.

“A purpose, exercise, laughter and good sleep darling.’ she said, her bright eyes shining up at me. After this encounter I decided to embark on a mission to find ways to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Oh 3am night ponders how I do not miss thee!

So why is a good night’s sleep so important?

Sleep is essential for your brain to recharge, your cells to regenerate and your body releases important hormones for you to function optimally. Experts say a good night’s rest improves your memory function, reduces your risk for heart disease, reduces weight fluctuation, strengthens your immune system and reduces your blood pressure. You can see from this that a good night’s sleep may change your health and your lifestyle for the better. Adults, children and teenager all have different sleep needs. A child up to 1 years of age requires 14-15 hours per day, which drops to 8.5-10 hours required in teenage years. The average adult hours of shut-eye per night is 7.5-9 hours per night. Testing out where your sweet spot of how many hours you need per night may help you feel better rested when you wake.

Here are my top 7 tips for getting a good night’s rest:

  1. Set your caffeine cut of time to 3pm. It gives your body a chance to use up the caffeine before bed time.
  1. If you have a job that has you in a seated position most of the day, ensure you take a walk and get some fresh air daily.
  1. Create a bedtime routine for yourself that may include:

                   *  Making a herbal tea- try Bees Knees Teas Bee Dreamy Tea   

                   *  Changing into pyjamas,

                   *  Reading for 5 minutes,

                This helps your brain understand it’s time to sleep.

  1. The blue light from your tech devices tricks your brain into thinking it’s daylight – switch of your devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
  1. Eat a light, early dinner as sleeping on a full stomach is uncomfortable. Steer clear of greasy foods and don’t smoke or drink alcohol before bed.
  1. Create a daily sleep pattern – Endeavour to set a time that you go to bed and rise in the morning – it helps your body to get into a routine.
  1. Lastly : MY SPECIAL TRICK = The Dream Easy pillow!

I created the pillow out of necessity to get a good night’s sleep

Two scents were created – Jasmine and Hops and Lavender and Hops – successful relaxants and effective sedatives. It has been long known that the inhalation of these herbal scents act upon the part of the brain connected to smell, activating the relaxation and sleep mechanism of the brain. The secret of the Dream Easy Pillow is it’s high quality organic A+ Grade herbal mixture contains the exact, researched dosage to give an effective experience, combined with natural cotton casing to ensure the aroma is available to give you a good night’s sleep View Pillows here



Bees Knees Teas and Dream Easy have teamed up to give yourself or some one you love the best chance at a good night’s sleep this Christmas with our combined tea and pillow GIFT PACK!

Both products created with Naturopathic philosophy with eco-friendly intentions. The two packs include:

Dream Easy Pillow + BEE Dreamy Tea

Dream Easy Pillow + BEE Dreamy Tea

Gift one:

1 x Jasmine & Hops Dream Easy Pillow

1 x Bees Knees Teas Bee Dreamy Night Time Tea

Gift pack 1


Gift Two

1 x Lavender and Hops Dream Easy Pillow

1 x Bees Knees Teas Bee Dreamy Night Time Tea

Gift pack 2.

These packs come gift-wrapped just for you in eco-friendly packaging ready to gift for Christmas or to unwrap yourself on Christmas Day!

Click here to order today- until stocks last


Bees Out!

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