Today we are honoured to collaborate with:

Kristen Soper- Smith


Kristen is a degree-qualified clinical nutritionist who runs Mindful Integrated Nutrition based in three Sydney locations, Sydney CBD, Neutral Bay and Curl Curl.

I have a personally seen Kristen for consultations and she has blown me away with her knowledge, professionalism and level of compassion.  

Today Kristen shares with us:



5 Simple Tips to Reduce your Stress

by Kristen Soper, Clinical Nutritionist, Mindful Integrated Nutrition


Stress is one of the primary presentations at my clinic and I believe one of the biggest underlying causes to many illnesses.



Stress presents in different ways for each person – busy mind, poor sleep, low energy levels, fluctuating mood, digestive symptoms, heart palpitations, frequent colds and hormonal in-balance to name just a few.

Here are a few starter tips I share with my clients to help reduce their stress:

    1.  Consume good quality protein

e.g. fish, legumes, eggs, seeds, nuts, chicken or meat at every meal, as blood glucose in-balances can affect the nervous system worsening stress symptoms and causing fatigue.


    2.  Consume magnesium-rich foods

e.g. leafy greens, raw cacao, seeds & nuts.

Magnesium is one of the master nervous system nutrients, responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

If you are experiencing magnesium-deficiency symptoms such as muscle cramps, eye twitches, insomnia or anxiety, a short-term magnesium supplement may also be indicated.


 3.  Nourish your digestive health.

The gut is connected to the brain by the enteric nervous system, meaning if your digestive health is  compromised, chances are your mood and energy levels will also be  affected.

Consume fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kimchi or if you have histamine intolerance, speak to your practitioner about a histamine-reducing probiotic.

Herbs such as ginger, cinnamon and licorice root are also very healing for the digestive tract such as those found in BEE Loved and BEE Playful


 4.  Remove dietary irritants such as sugar, processed-foods and coffee.

If you are adrenally fatigued, stimulants such as sugar and coffee could over-stimulate your nervous system, leading to a worsening of stress symptoms.

I often find coffee is the hardest thing for my clients to give up, so if you are craving a ‘milky’ coffee alternative, I recommend a caffeine-free dandelion chai tea such as BEE Loved with a dash of coconut milk, so yummy & nourishing at the same time!


5.  Lastly, I always recommend my clients begin a meditation or  mindfulness practice.

 Committing to a daily meditation practice will definitely help reduce your stress, however if this seems too hard to commit to at the moment, simply bring mindfulness into everyday events such as enjoying the flavours of your food at meal times or being mindful drinking a cup of tea by enjoying the aromas and the warm-feeling of the cup in your hands.

About Kristen Soper

Kristen is a degree-qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a special interest in stress, anxiety, fatigue, digestive health, mood and hormone balancing. She is available for consultations at North Curl Curl, Sydney City and Neutral Bay. For more information, visit: www.mindfulintegratednutrition.com