Blue Honey Anyone?



So, you are a BEE, buzzing along, looking for some sweet nectar to make your honey.

You can opt for the nutritious flower…  or the bag of lollies (sweets if you are from UK / Candy if you are USA!)

What do you go for?

Unfortunately, as a BEE, you haven’t got google handy and therefore and you can’t see what nasty chemicals, preservatives, colourings are in the lollies once you decode the numbers.   So, you try it.

No harm, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, right?


Look what happened when a group of BEEs found a Lollie factory just 4km from their hive.

The colouring severely impacted their output…  golden and delicious became dark and vicious.


We have the same choice as the BEE.  And, of course, many of us enjoy the un-natural alternative on occasion- everything in balance!

The difference between the BEE and the Human BEEing though, is that we are empowered to make informed decisions about what goes into our body, and the impact it has, through all the amazing resources we have around us.

Which brings me to question: Are you more like the Bees in this story – i.e. blissfully unaware of  what you are putting in your body and its longer term consequences for your health and well being?

Actions you can take to honour your health are:

– Understanding what is in your products.  Read the labels.  Use your smart phone to google

-Eat less food from a packet. Enjoy food straight from the ground onto your plate! Less processed foods, more whole foods and life filled foods, the more vibrant you will be!

– Ask questions! I was always told I was too inquisitive as a child but I am truely thankful today for being so :) Enquire, and know the truth.

– Those with sugar cravings examine how you can add sweetness to your daily life other ways then just through food  :). To support the body through physical cravings increasing your good fat intake, olives, avocados is also a wonderful way to kick these to the curb!

– Share this with your friends, the more people that you surround yourself with who are aligned with this vision the better. You are who you hang around with!

Let’s understand how we pollute the BEES is actually also how we are Polluting ourselves and BEE the change!!

Bees- out

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'The Beehive' is an open community created for cross pollinating ideas on health and sustainability for ALL BEEings.

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