Bone Broth & Gelatin Recipe

Home made gelatin and broth

One of Our Staples 

I have posted our jelly recipe here which we flavour with Bees Knees Teas but for those who want to actually make real gelatin and bone broth this blog is for you!!

Real Jelly

Real Jelly

Stock Recipe


What you need:


  • Purified water

  • Pastured /Organic Grass fed animal bones or wild caught fish bones, heads

    * Using pastured grass fed and wild bones is essential due to their high mineral content and being chemical free. No point going to all the effort for low mineral broth filled with chemicals :)
  • Fermented apple cider vinegar- 1/4 cup for every  2 litre of water . * We find ‘Braggs’- is the best brand.

  • Good quality sea salt or Himalayan salt – ¼ tsp- for every litre of water.

Water quantity for bones



I measure

                   *4 litres for every 1kg of bones

                   *3.5 litres per every 1.5kg of whole chicken

                   *3 litres for every 500g of prawn shells, fish heads and tails


Bone Broth

Bone Broth

For convenience sake- We personally haven’t been adding in vegetable as late although if you wanted to:

Optional: Organic vegetables guide

 * For every 1kg of bones add 100g each of sliced:

carrots, onions, leeks and 1 celery stick and 1 bunch of parsley stalks

Carrots, Celery & Onions

Onions, Celery & Carrots



Add all ingredients into a large pot or slow cooker with a lid.

Lightly simmer for six hours to 10 hours.

Hard or large bones may be required to simmer for up to twelve hours

e.g., beef bones and or especially when using in a slow cooker.

Note: Any meat and cartilage will fall off bone so skim surface of scum every now and then.

When looking to purchase ready made Bone Stock

A great guide in to what to look for when choosing a product:

 Check to see if it contains:

  •  Additives such as MSG, sugar, vegetables oils, starches and modifiers – AVOID

  •  Refined salt- Give it a miss

  • Where it is sourced from, what bones and used, find out ethical history of the animal (pastured, organic, wild caught etc)

    A Respected brand based in Bondi- Australia, sold The Health Emporium–  is by Star Anise. Soulla Chamberlain creator and owner of Star Anise also runs AMAZING cooking workshops which we have found to be very helpful not only to improving our health but variety within wholefoods you can eat and she provides you with the little tricks in cooking, which recipes don’t often describe.

WAYS to sneak broth/gelatin into your diet:


  • This can be frozen in glass jars and used instead of processed stock cubes as bases.

  • Sneak a scoop of cold gelatin into your smoothie-you won’t even taste it :)

  • Use as stir fry liquid- it creates extra flavour and nutrients

  • A great additive to a mash sweet potato or cauliflower dish!

  • Serve as a cup of tea- 1 scoop of gelatin- in a cup of hot water

  •  Add frozen bone stock to a pot with chopped vegetables meat and voila a soup

    Dinner is served.

 Bees Out!!

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