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BUZZING- Literally

Creating BUZZ

Creating BUZZ

What are the effects of Cocaine on Honey Bees Behaviour?
That’s a questions that was asked, and explored by a group of scientists in 2009  <1>.
And the conclusion:
– It makes the Bees dance more
– They overestimate the value of the flowers they find
– They get a withdraw type response.
That makes sense?  But what is VERY interesting is how:
BEES and Human -BEEings react very similarly to chemical consumption.
Chemicals, pesticides are known to be in the top 2 contributing factors to the massive decline of the Bee population globally!!
Chemicals effect all nature

Let’s be chemical free and save ALL BEEings

The alarming statistics worldwide  are becoming more known  given the significance of Bees being natural pollinators for our fruits and vegetables. The decline in our wonderful natural pollinators we know, would result in very little if any fresh produce available by natural means!
Although are we forgetting, as demonstrated in the study, the importance to question:
If we react similarly to Bees what ways do we Human BEEings react to the exposure of chemicals?
Is it immediate or gradual?
How does it reflect for the health of you / your family?  Now?  in 5 years?  10 years?
Our bodies are built with barriers like skin and supportive organs like our liver to help support the detoxification of chemicals.   Issues become more apparent when there is an overload (which is evident in society more and more) of chemicals the body needs eliminate continuously.
Therefore a great way to start:  is to eliminate all chemicals you place directly on your skin. e.g: deodorants, personal care products, cleaning products. – More detailed information on this in our next blog
BEE inquisitive check out what is on the label of the products you use daily and enjoy BEEing empowered!
If you are like us and putting chemicals into your body is not your ‘cup of tea’; then make a different choice.  Go organic.  Go Chemical free.  Go Bees Knees Teas, and enjoy your conscious, educated decision while tasting delicious tea that nourishes your body and supports ALL BEEings!
Bees Out
*Bees Knees Teas are chemical free, so they nourish your body AND 10% of profits help re-introduce wild Bees to our society to reverse the trend.

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