‘Keep It Vanilla’

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 Working in the corporate space, I hear the phrase ‘Keep It Vanilla’ on occasion.

When I hear that, there is a mutual and unspoken understanding in our culture that: ‘vanilla’ is the basic flavoring for ice cream, and by extension, meaning keep it ‘plain or conventional’.

Please note especially, keeping it ‘plain or conventional’. So, what colour is Vanilla?

Vanilla is Vanilla?

You’d be forgiven for any of the above but – It’s actually BROWN.

vanilla powder2  vanilla powder

Well, thats ok.

The vanilla powder goes a creamy colour because of the dairy its mixed with, right?


The FSA (UK) requires that dairy ice cream has a minimum of 2.5% milk protein and a minimum of 5% dairy fat. The FSA UK standards are not too different from the standards in other western countries.

less than 10% of ice cream is actually ‘iced cream’?

If that’s all that goes into your ice cream, what else is in there?
Do you know?
Is your Vanilla ice cream really ‘plain and conventional’ as you thought?

Actually, one of the major ingredients that is substituted into a large quantity of ice cream brands is vegetable oil.

“The oil is not only industrially cheap, it is also unhealthy. Used in margarines, lipstick and detergents, this yellow liquid is high in saturated fat, a known cause of cardiovascular problems.” Daily Mail UK: ‘The Chilling Truth Ice Cream’

How do you feel about the phrase ‘Keep It Vanilla’ now?

The sad thing is, this post is not just about ice cream. Its about the culture we have created regarding all of the foods we consume.

When something as simple as ice cream is 90% other than ice cream, we know we have a problem.

From today, I urge you for the health of you and your family – follow the real definition of ‘Vanilla’ and keep the food you choose ‘Plain & Conventional’.

Here’s 3 tips to truly keep it Vanilla:

  1. Keep it simple. Stick to whole foods, avoid the chemical preserved products in packets.

  2. Empower yourself! Seek education. Just what are the ingredients in the food you eat? Enjoy being inquisitive of the labels.

    Why not understand what you are putting into your body, and what it will cost you in health.

  3. Recruit a network of trusted providers who ensure your products are well sourced.

Bees Knees Teas are natural, organic, caffeine and chemical free. We source locally where possible to support our local farmers.

Vanilla powder is actually included in our BEE FREE product.

Try it today! 



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