Our Teas

  • Taste delicious
  • Are nutritious
  • Certified organic – well sourced
  • Chemical free
  • Made to support the sustainability of bees
  • Caffeine free
  • Hand blended with pure intent

BEE Beautiful

‘A raspberry leaf and rose petal tisane created lovingly for female wellness’.

BEE Boosted

This winter blend packed with vitamin C – boosts your immune system.

BEE Clear

A mint tea to enhance clear focus and a clear mind – buzz away the fog.

BEE Dreamy

A night time tea which is blended with nature’s relaxing flowers & seeds.

BEE Energised


 The ultimate lemon grass and ginger with an extra ZING to empower your day.

BEE Free

This tisane contains sweet vanilla, fresh peppermint & delicious cacao nibs to uplift your day.

BEE Loved

A caffeine free dandelion chai blend that brings warmth to you from the inside out.

BEE Playful

This sweet herbal blend brightens up your day by inviting a playful soul.




BEE Dreamy- For Kids

This tisane is created with natures calming herbs and seeds, with a hint of soothing vanilla .

BEE Playful -For kids

Why should the little people miss out? This tisane is full of nature’s natural sweetness and tastes great warm and cold.

BEE Soothed


This nourishing tisane is artfully created to congratulate new mums! Filled with traditional herbs that support healthy breastfeeding and digestion.


Every tea sold makes a difference!

These blends are intended  to create awareness of Bees and how they help our food chain and sustainability of whole foods.