As a collective, consumers have the power to support sustainability by making conscious purchases. Each conscious choice makes a difference.

Why not:

  • Support local farmers who choose not to use pesticides on the crops by purchasing your fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs at the local farmers/growers market.

  • Choose to decrease chemical load in your home by purchasing and using chemical free cleaning products.

  • Purchase your meat from butchers who support farmers with sustainable practices.

  • Purchase teas from us with knowledge you are supporting wild bees and our future.

“The dramatic decline of bees is just the symptom of a failed agricultural system based on the intensive use of chemicals.”
- Matthias Wuthrich

'Don't just say it - BEE it!'

Help us make a difference by joining the Beehive community and by sharing our message with your friends. Let’s together support the health of ALL living BEEings.