The Whys & Hows Of Nut Activation


NUT ACTIVATION: the why’s and how


We really enjoy Almond Mylk with our Bee Loved Tea blend, you can see how we like to make it


We also advocate that the nuts you use in your Almond Milk are ‘Activated’ or at least organic

and blanched (without the skin) Soaking nuts


We activate our nuts or choose to use them without the skin due to:


1. The activation process increases the nutrient value of the nuts


2.  By activating the almonds it removes the compounds phytic acid contained in the husk of the    

      shell that causes problems in digestion, stomach lining and absorption of other nutrients.

Our Bee Loved dandelion tea blend is designed to help warm your insides and aide digestion, so

using Almond Milk with Activated Nuts is the prefect compliment.

So how do we activate our nuts?


Activation recipe


Add one teaspoon of Good quality Sea/himalayan salt  for every 1 cup of Almonds,


Dissolve the salt in filtered water along with the almonds.


Soak for 12 hours


After 12 hours, rinse and drain nuts in filtered water

Draining Almonds

Draining Almonds


Using a dehydrator, dry out the nuts for 12-24 hours – depending on

the force of the dehydrator


*Note: if you don’t have a dehydrator, place nuts in the oven at no

more than 60 degrees- i used to keep it open a little with a wooden



When the nuts are crispy and delicious, they are ready to enjoy.



All this writing is making me thirsty, I’m off for a cup of Bee Loved xx


BEE Loved

BEE Loved

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