Why Do We Wear Rosemary For Anzac Day?


Have you ever wondered why rosemary is worn on

Anzac Day/Remembrance day? rosemary


Rosmarinus Officinalis    


Commonly known, as “Rosemary”, has long been the emblem in Anzac Day

ceremonies, we see it pinned to the collars of servicemen and all those who

choose to wear it every year on the 25th of April. This practice has been officinally recorded

since 25th of April 1916.

So WHY Rosemary for remembrance?


  • Rosemary actually grows wildly on the Gallipoli

    peninsula where theAustralian and New Zealand Army Core  Serviceman

    troops fought in 1915.


  • The smell of rosemary is known to improve memory.

    Historical reports that Greek scholars wore rosemary in

    their hair to help them remember more while studying.




Lest We Forget

What other benefits could the rosemary bring to our servicemen?

  • Rosemary is also known as a circulatory herb, meaning it

    increases vascular circulation and improves blood flow to

    our extremities.

    rosemary pic

    This ensures adequate transportation of nutrients

    around the body especially the brain, supporting

    memory/concentration and clarity of mind.


  • It is an anti-oxidant- great to include in your diet-

    sprinkle in your food, drink in a tea. It is

    an active ingredient in our BEE Clear Blend.

    Features Rosemary

    Features Rosemary


So the next time you see Rosemary enjoy remembering why this incredible herb is used


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