Work Life Balance- Is there such a thing?

Work/Life Balance


Knee deep into Naturopathy studies, running a business, teaching yoga while maintaining relationships and a household- I’m sure is just a tiny slice compared to many other peoples busy lives, let alone those with children!


Life gets busy, and what is also encouraging is the idea that society almost praises ‘Productivity= within the art of being busy! To be Busy is often seen as a great thing!!


 So what do we do to ensure our health doesn’t take a hit in this busy/productive process?


Is there really such a thing as Work, Life Balance?


Having toyed with this idea for some time through my own experience, and lengthy discussions with my best friend- Psychologist, Dr Monique Killmore- who just completed her PhD on this topic, I believe:


If we support our bodies –using nourishing nutrition, healthy movement, hydration and herbal medicine, listen and tune in to what is appropriate physically in each moment we will find our own internal balance.


Dr Killmore often explains that balance is different for everyone and therefore, it doesn’t always mean ensuring life has ‘equal work’ to ‘equal play/non-work’ but rather finding the integration sweet spot of life satisfaction.


So I’m currently letting go of the need for a clear distinction between what is ‘work’ and ‘non work’ and fulfilling life with focusing on each moment of what is satisfying in each task.


The how I’m learning to do this?:

  • Focusing on enjoying one task at a time- I pride myself on the ability to multitask but being present on one thing at a time is making a difference to my enjoyment as well as quality of the task at hand

BEE Free

BEE Free

  • Bookending my day- Taking time each morning and each night to consciously sip my daily flavour of Bees Knees Teas in absolute quiet away from any electronic devices Always completing the night with Bee Dreamy

Bookending the Day

Bookending the Day

  • Meditation- committing to take time to sit and be(e). Supporting myself with this at the same time daily not only boosts my day but also the pattern of meditating at the same time has attuned my body to settle quicker as my body remembers and trust the process through the routine- cool huh!


Enjoying the process of learning ALWAYS     ……..   Bees Out!!

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